Charlie Brown Inspiration

Have you had a Charlie Brown day? Where nothing seems to go your way, and everything that could possibly go wrong, does? If you have, you can learn from Charlie’s response in the movie “Peanuts the Movie”. It is fantastic. The movie starts out with good ‘ol Charlie Brown, adamant to fly his kite on […]

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Charging into the Storm

I have recently started running. I’ve always loved sport, but for several (real insignificant reasons) classified myself as not being a “runner”. It’s quite ironic as most sports in which I participated required running and I’m glad to have overcome this gap in my mindset. Saturday morning was one of the more challenging Park run’s […]

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Presidential Character

American voting season has come to an end and Trump has been elected to take office in 2017. It will be a testing time for Trump and decisions of action now must be put to the words spoken on the election campaigns, promises are to be realized. The presidential role comes with great responsibility. Under […]

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A Joyful Storm

We live in an ever-changing world. The unknowns in our realm stress us out, causes us to be anxious, and perhaps drives us to questioning the meaning of this life? Chaos is inevitable and as any good financial planner will tell you, it’s not about being prepared for a rainy day if it comes, it’s […]

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Bogeys, bunkers and a vision

This week I had the privilege to represent our company’s team in playing at the Reddam Foundation golf day. The fact that I have not played a round of golf in more than 3 years left no room for dreaming of contributing positively on the scorecard. My mission was to get a par, aim for […]

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My Cambodian Experience

My First International Trip One early June morning I received an e-mail, not just an ordinary mail, a corporate communication mail. The exciting e-mail types usually left to simmer for a bit. Strangely enough, this was not the case for this particular email. My attention caught by the subject line “6 volunteers needed for mission trip to […]

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