Learning to leave the right Legacy

How we handle difficult situations reflect our character to the world. Doing the right thing in these situations is easier said than done.

Looking at one of King David’s slumps we will see his character and take away a few key lessons in helping us making the most of a challenging situation and learning to leave the right legacy.


The chink in David’s Armour

David was at the peak of his leadership of Israel when one fine spring day while his men away fighting the Ammonites, he fell prey to temptation. You might be familiar with the story of David and Bathsheba. David, after committing adultery with Bathsheba, caused Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband to be killed on the front line of the battlefield in an effort to hide the birth of his illegitimate child.


A Truthful Friend

With Uriah now out of the picture, David takes Bathsheba as his wife and soon she would give birth to their child. Nathan, a friend in David’s inner circle and a prophet of God, comes to visit David with a parable and a call to repentance that would change David’s heart.

Nathan analysed the situation, pointed David to the truth and revealed to David the mess that he got himself into.


Repentant Heart

Nathan had brought a new perspective to David’s actions and immediately David recognizes his sin and is led to repentance and because of this his life would be spared.

This is not without consequence as David will live to experience heartbreak and deceit within his own family in the years to come. In the present, his newly born child with Bathsheba becomes seriously ill.


Proactive Focus

David had acknowledged his sin, repented before Lord and humbled himself in prayer and fasting for the life of his new-born child. After several days of fasting and praying his child passes away.

On hearing the news of his child’s passing, David gets up, eats, washes himself and worships the Lord – to the surprise of the elders who were concerned that he would “harm himself” on receiving this news.

David realized that the death of his child was out of his control but while the child was still alive, he did what he could, acting in the circle of influence and accepting what happened in the circle of concern which was out of his control.


Lust lacerates your legacy

All of us are leaving a legacy; our everyday choices and actions determine where we will go and what we will be remembered for.

David’s legacy; a king of character, a man after God’s own heart, yet human, sinful and falling short. As a consequence of his actions, he would experience terrible hardships over the next few years following his act of adultery.

Would he have wanted it any other way?  We can learn from his experience of a tough situation. It is said “smart people learn from their own mistakes, wise people from the mistakes of others.” So, come on and take the next step in making wiser decisions.


Take the next step:

  • Are you trying to talk yourself out of a mess that you landed yourself in?
  • Do you have truthful friends in your inner circle that will challenge you on the sins in your life?
  • Activities within the circle of concern are things that we have no real control over; in contrast activities within the circle of influence can be influenced and changed by our doing. Are you spending most your time acting in your circle of concern or of influence?
  • Are your actions and that for which you want to be remembered, aligned?

God bless,




Bible, 2 Samuel 11, 12

Stephen R Covey – 7 Habits of highly effective people – be proactive


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